Our First Lady Robin W. Cope


Born June 17, 1971, Robin Strickland Cope is the Daughter of Patsy and Randy Strickland of Greenville, SC. Robin was brought up in Pineville, NC, and attended South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC.


She was brought up studying with the Jehovah's Witness off and on and became a born-again Christian at 19 years old. After a troubled teen life at 16 years old, she became pregnant by her now-husband, Ricky Cope. Afraid and uncertain, she went to an abortion clinic and was given the choice of life or death of the child. She chose Life .


She married Ricky on June 18, 1988, and on November 16, 1988, at 17 years old, she brought forth her first born daughter, Raquel Leann Cope.


Robin entered into motherhood and career at a very early age and had her second daughter, Sarah Renee Cope, on December 15, 1992, while working for Royal Insurance Company in Charlotte, NC.


Seven years into their marriage, the stress of a young marriage brought Robin and Rick to separation, and they found themselves in a court room looking at divorce. While in the court room, God showed up, and convincing them to work on the marriage, and give it a second chance. They knew they could not repair the damage, so they both turned to God.  Over time, God healed the wounds and so began the journey of purpose for both their lives.


Robin now serves alongside her husband in full time ministry. Robin is very active in her Ladies Ministry, Far Above Rubies, working with Troubled Teen Girls, Teen Pregnancy Crisis Centers, speaking in Ladies Conferences, working with Pro-Life, and Marriage Counseling alongside her husband. Her love and compassion are truly contagious to all who know her, and she is a woman of true inspiration who is careful to give God all the Glory, Honor, and Praise for all that he has allowed in her life.


Robin has been married 29 years to the love of her life, Pastor Ricky D. Cope of Indian Land, SC, and has two daughters, Sarah Renee Barnhart, who is the wife of Jimi Barnhart, 3rd Class Petty Officer of US Navy and their son, Cohen Jace Barnhart and Raquel Leann Dill, who is the wife of Pastor Bryan Dill of Catawba, SC, with their three daughters,  Lillian Grace Dill (Stinker Pooh), Layla Bell Dill (Dooger Bug) and Lydia Rose Dill