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Prayer Requests

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in the time of need. - Hebrews 4:16

Please Pray For


Pastor Ricky & Mrs. Robin Cope
TBC Pastoral Staff

Military & Families

Dalton Sargent-Scott & Tia Sargent's son
Howard Slaven - Trish Munson's Nephew
Kameron Tuten-Ashley Tuten's son

Samantha Genobles & Family - Karen Andreasen

Unspoken Request

Debra Baldwin - Tracey Griffin's cousin
Brenda Dabbs
Kaye Jackson - Vicki McCoy's friend
Loretta Lake
Brenda Little

JoAnna Puckett

Missing / Prayers for Safe Return

Paula Cope-Pam Helms' cousin
Travis Laircey-Karen Simpson's son
Charlie Litchfield-Kathleen Johnson's nephew


Jessica Bradley's Mom Willadean Nernigar

Kenny &Lisa Rump's Family - brother, uncle, cousin

Carolyn Smith's Sister - Laurie Leary

Michelle Staton's Brother Danny Oliver

Health Issues

Karrie Adams
Arya - Karen Andreasen Niece

Shea Ayers - Tracey Griffin Friend

Bace Family - Cathy Wilson

Gladys Benitez
Nathan Blanton - Sissy Catledge's Uncle

Sonya Chapell- Helen Chappell's daughter

Robert Collins - Helen Chappell's Nephew

Ciara - Michele Wilson's Friend

Linda Dabbs

Michael DeBus Sr - Michael DeBus's dad

Charlene Dedmon-Helen Chappell's niece
Shawn Donnelly-Kim Freeman's brother

Wayne Dorman

Ronny Faile
Trent Few - Kathy Stacks Nephew
Aaron Fisher - Kim O'Neal's Friend

Bill Ford
Chris Gamble - Kathy Stack's Friend

Justin and Amanda Goins
Wanda Griffin - Tracey Griffin's Sister in Law

Danny Hardin - Vickie McCoy's Cousin
Teressa Harris

Tabitha Henderson
Joyce Hudson - Paula Simons Cousin

Donnie Hunter - Victoria Baker's Uncle
Janice Hunter

Linda Lamoreaux - Elanie Langley SIL

Helen - Lois Reagan's Mom
Jason Ingram - Mitch Ingram's Son

Frances Knight - Kathy Stack's Friend
Bill Laclair-Jody Blands' friend

Wendy Latimer - Danny Griffin's Friend

Riley Lonergan - Tracey Griffin's friend
Gary & Becky Mansfield - Helen Chappell
Ruth Marthers- Helen Chappell's sister
Gage Maxfield - Kathy Stack's Grandson
Phil May - Debra May's Husband

Connor McManus - Christine McManus Grandson
Cheryl Mullis - Kim O'Neal's Aunt

Wanda Nayert - Helen Chappell
Cindy Nelson - Kathleen Johnson's Aunt
Shirley Norris - Renee Cook SIL

Pam Norton - Helen Chappell

Ronnie Parker - Tracey Griffin's Cousin

Shane & Kayla Parker
Rob Payne-Nat Blanton's friend
Jessica Porter-Diane Cannon's daughter in law

Tricia Raby- Bonnie Lane's Sisiter
Kenny Rayfield

Cheryl Richards
Gene Richardson-April Beachums's father
David Rivenbark - Ann Dorman's Brother-in-Law
Jackie Sanders - Karrie Adams
Dennis Schmidt - Sissy Catledge Family
Christine Shaner-Nikki Weissinger's friend

Brenda Shipman - Trish Munson's Aunt

Thad Simon - Tuna Hembree's dad
Steve Slaven - Trish Munson's Dad

Barbara Smith - Amber Smith's grandmother

Buddy Stroud - Danny Griffin's Uncle
Bob Struble - Pastor Tony Catledge's friend

Heather Sutton

Debbie Taylor - Kathy Stacks friend

Lonnie Taylor - Kathy Stack's friend

Courtney Trank - Kathleen Johnson DIL
Nan Truesdale

Steve Truesdale
Ann Vail - Pam Helms friend

Rodney Watkins - Cassandra Watkin's Husband
Theril Wallace - Paula Simon's Husban

Ken Wurdemann - Karrie Adams dad

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