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PluggedIn Small Groups

Welcome to PluggedIn

PluggedIn is the Small Group Ministry of Trinity!  As the church grows, it becomes harder for people to feel connected.  We want all of our congregation to feel connected and to be close to other members of the body of Christ as you walk through life.  These groups are designed with common stages of life in mind.  We invite you to find your group and get connected today!

Ages 18 - 44

Careers & Kids

This group was born into a technological world and came of age in a new millennium.  This generation is considered more progressive, creative and far-thinking than earlier generations. Many may also identify as being more concerned with intrinsic and moral values that materialize through their journey of faith.

Image by Jimmy Dean

Ages 45 - 64

Happy Couple


Life was much different for this group than it was for today's kids.  You grew up in a time where roaming was safe, you'd come home when the streetlights came on, and not every moment of your life was captured for the world to see.  You're likely self-reliant, self-directed, and individualistic; traits that grew out of the independence  given at a young age. This is an age of experience and you likely like to volunteer more than previous generations did. This generation also highly values family.  It's likely you're nearing an end of parenting young kids and planning for what comes next.

Ages 65+


Now moving into retirement, this group likely has commonality in the way they were brought up.  Strong and focused work ethic. Independent.  Competitive.  Goal-oriented.  Resourceful.  These are all words that likely resonate  for those in this group.  You have a lot of life under your belts and have so much wisdom to offer to others from your journey of faith.



Your Age & Group Stage Not Quite a Fit?  No Problem.

We get it!  Not all people fit into the same mold.  Think of our age groups as guidelines.  If you feel like the age group lower or higher is a better fit for where you're at, get PluggedIn.  Feel free to connect with the group leader for the group you think is the best fit.  The goal is to connect with the body of Christ.  

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