Our Story


The mission statement of Trinity Baptist Church, Indian Land, SC shall be to expound the Word of God, evangelize the lost, edify and equip the saints, encourage the weak and exemplify the Lord Jesus Christ until He comes.​

This shall be accomplished by faithfully preaching the Word of God from the pulpit, and teaching, line upon line and precept upon precept, in the classroom. This shall also be accomplished by local church visitation, outreach ministry as well as supporting missionaries and evangelists who are faithful messengers of God's Word to the lost world.​


We will continue to edify and equip the saints by teaching Bible doctrines as delineated in the church's doctrinal statement. We will do this through Adult Bible Classes, Children and Teen Classes and a scriptural Discipleship Program. We shall endeavor to encourage the weak through the reconciling of families and the backslider through counseling and accountability to the church body. Our ultimate goal is to exemplify our Lord Jesus Christ in our stewardship, fellowship, and discipleship.  


Trinity Baptist Church began with very humble beginnings. There were just 12 people who loved God and desired the freedom and liberty to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. They began to earnestly pray and fast in the fall of 2004 for a church. A year later the Lord laid it upon our Pastor, Ricky D. Cope to come off the road of evangelism and to Pastor this little flock of people.

The Lord allowed our "little flock" to find an old, vacant, auto parts house. We began to work diligently day and night to renovate the old "parts" house into a place of Worship, where broken lives and broken homes (broken "parts") could be mended through the Love of Jesus and the preaching of His Holy Word. We call this "The Hospital of Hope, Trinity Baptist Church."

Our very first worship service, January 8, 2006, was held in our Pastor's humble home. There were 12 in attendance and the title of the message that glorious Sunday morning was "Can God Build A Tabernacle in the Wilderness?" The following Sunday there were 21 in attendance, and the service had to be moved to the Pastor's barn. We held services there until the renovation was completed (a total of seven weeks). On the eighth week we moved in the sanctuary, March 8, 2006. We had over 200 in attendance as people came from all over for our Inaugural Service. The following Sunday was our first regular service with 50 in attendance and God saving Trinity's first soul. On April 16, 2006, Trinity Baptist Church was established with 20 founding members.

God has continued to bless Trinity daily with a zeal and an excitement that cannot even be put into words. Many souls have come to know and trust Jesus as their personal Savior. Countless hearts have been changed and encouraged, that once were discouraged, despondent, and hopeless.  Homes and families that had no hope are now thriving, as they are worshiping and serving Jesus together.

There is hope for the hopeless, and through Jesus and Trinity Baptist Church of Indian Land, SC is proof of that.


~~ "Can God Build A Tabernacle in the Wilderness?" ~~

 Yes HE Can! and Yes He Did!


Mission Statement