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Once you are set up (below) text giving is quick, easy and secure

Step 1: Enter 803-302-3505

Step 2: Enter Give in the message box and send the message

Step 3: You receive a message asking how much you want to give

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to tithe and send your message Example  50.00 - you will receive a message your donation has been successful

Set Up Your Text Giving - First Time ONLY

Step 1:  Open your text message app

Step 2: Enter 803-302-3505 in the phone number line

Step 3: Type the dollar amount you would like to give in the message box  EXAMPLE:  50.00

Step 4:  Hit the arrow to SEND your message

Step 5:  IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME USING TEXT GIVING, YOU WILL RECEIVE A "It looks like you are a new giver: http://personal link"

Step 6: Click on your personal link provided to get registered

Step 7:  This will take you to the page to input your information for your tithe

Step 8:  Input your tithe information

Step 9:  Select Donate Now

Step 10: You will receive a message showing your successful tithe.

contact the church office with any questions  803-313-9357

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