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The Trinity Church App

Yes, we have an App for that!

The Trinity Church App is the best way to stay up to date on all the happenings as well as the way to connect with our ministries, classes, and sign-ins.  Get the APP if you call Trinity your church home.  

How To Engage With Our App

Events in the App

The second tab is Events. If your group is a class then this is where all the class dates will be listed, if your group is something like Leadership of TBC the events tab shows our meeting dates, if your group is choir the event tab will show all the choir/praise team practices. If you get a message in your group about an upcoming event or meeting you will go to this event tab, click on the date of the class/meeting, click respond and then rsvp. If you do not receive a message to rsvp then you do not have to. Example: we do not need to know who will be coming to ladies class, men’s class each week but we will need to know headcounts for meeting and certain things a class may be doing so you only need to rsvp when you are ask to.

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